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Modex Marketplace is the world’s first integrated platform for buying, customising, compiling, deploying and interacting with smart contracts. The blockchain is evolving very fast, enabling businesses to build very powerful solutions at a lesser cost, but some enterprises are still struggling to identify the right talent.

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Exam Platform
Prove your blockchain skills in an online exam and receive a Modex certified diploma that will boost your blockchain career as a developer
Technology Info
A comprehensive understanding of what blockchain is and how it works so you can broaden your tech horizon even further. Modex Academy offers a suite of articles for your formation
The demand for blockchain skills is growing at the second fastest rate of any IT skill set, so we explain the terms related to blockchain
Our game-changing IDE is a valuable tool for developers. Use it to build, test and deploy smart contracts and dApps
Curated by our experts, these courses will help you understand the foundation of blockchain technology and the opportunities it brings. Modex’s Academy Courses are the main base for your blockchain certification
Smart Contracts Auditing
No more third parties when auditing smart contracts. With Source Code Auditing, Modex streamlines the process and cuts costs

Business Analyst

This Business Analyst Certification will allow you to implement your skills to any blockchain project, to identify emerging blockchain technologies and their impact on value creation across markets and to build your own blockchain businesses with acquired knowledge.

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